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first post: et3ishak wrote: If you find a useful resource, add a bookmark here with a short de...


first post: LucChenier wrote: Found how to create a thread :)

latest post: et3ishak wrote: 1975... You're a pioneer! Whats your company called? Microsoft? ha...

List Of String Functions

first post: et3ishak wrote: Asc AscW Chr ChrW Filter Format FormatCurrency FormatDateTime For...

List Of Math Functions(System.Math)

first post: et3ishak wrote: Abs Acos Asin Atan Atan2 BigMul Ceiling Cos Cosh DivRem Exp Floor...

List Of Conversion Functions

first post: et3ishak wrote: Asc AscW CBool CByte CChar CDate CDbl CDec Chr ChrW CInt CLng COb...

List Of DataTypes(Needs Work)

first post: et3ishak wrote: Boolean Byte Char Date Decimal Double Integer Long Object SByte S...

Complete list of VB Enumerations(MSDN library 2012)

first post: et3ishak wrote: (there may be others in other classes...) http://msdn.microsoft.co...

RTF Code Resources/Articles

first post: et3ishak wrote: http://www.pindari.com/rtf1.html

latest post: lucchenier wrote: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa140277(v=office.10).aspx

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