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Proposed Project Specification

  • Please insert your proposed guidelines into the project

Parsing Method Proposals

  • String & Iteration - Paul

Rendering Method

  • StringBuilder/RTF - Paul
    • Pros - Cons
  • HTML - Luc
    • Pros - Cons
  • Word - Luc
    • Pros - Cons

Error Handling

  • Forcast errors?
    • RTF code sometimes require space after color area(highlighting of text), but sometimes requires the opposite, identifying exactly when and were will be crucial if we are to highlight using RTF. I will make a more comprehensive example that displays this aparrent anomaly.

Problems Awaiting A Workaround


Goals Defined


What are our goals(please modify this to ensure all of our goals are stated)

  • Highlight Visual Basic Source Code Text
  • Non-Glitchy, Fast


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et3ishak Dec 6, 2012 at 10:49 PM 
If you guys can help edit this with our ideas, maybe we can use this as an outline to establish our goals for dotnetsyntax highlighter